Frequently Asked Questions


When should you arrive?

Please ensure that you are at the gate of the Porsche Werk Leipzig (Customer Centre entrance) at least 10 minutes before the start of your experience. A map showing how to find us can be found here.

Is it possible to reach the Porsche Werk Leipzig using public transport?

  • Take tram 10/11 (for ‘Wahren/Schkeuditz’)
  • Change at ‘Leipzig-Wahren’
  • Take no. 91 bus (for ‘Porsche/GVZ’), get off at Porsche Nordtor (North Gate)
  • Detailed information at

Where is it possible to park?

As a rule, 200 parking spaces are available directly in front of the Customer Centre. If this car park is full, it is also possible to use the large car park (up to 300 parking spaces) in front of the gates.

What do I need to bring?

The names of the participants for the day are registered at the entrance. If you wish to redeem a voucher, please bring this with you. For Porsche Leipzig Pilot and Discover Porsche in Leipzig: on the day of the event, the participant must present his or her driver's license and ID card before the event begins.

Factory tour

How long is the factory tour?

The tour lasts 2 hours.

Is it possible to take photographs?

Unfortunately it is not permitted to take photographs in the vehicle production area. However, you may take photographs in the Customer Centre.

Why do the schedules of the Factory Tours vary?

We try to offer our event packages on as many dates as possible. Therefore, depending on the day of the week, some of the guided tours may take place outside of production and working hours. Likewise, the stations in a Factory Tour may also vary slightly because of internal constraints. Nevertheless, this will have no impact on the participants’ understanding of the production process which our tour guides will always explain very clearly.

How far in advance is it necessary to reserve?

It is advisable to reserve approximately two months in advance.

Retail of our event offers

Any resale of event packages shall require the prior written consent of Porsche Leipzig GmbH. § 10 of the General Terms and Conditions for event packages shall apply.

What is the maximum number of participants?

The maximum number of participants will vary depending on the event package chosen.

Why are people with pacemakers/defibrillators not allowed in the production area?

This is a measure to protect the safety of visitors, due to the technical equipment in use in the production area.

Why are children below the age of 16 not allowed in the current production area?

For safety reasons it is not permitted for children below the age of 16 to enter the current production area. There are no age restrictions on visiting the Customer Centre. For the factory tour in the brunch offer a minimum age of 6 applies (production is idle).

Is it possible for people in wheelchairs to participate in the tour?

Yes, all facilities have access for people with restricted mobility.

Porsche Leipzig Gourmet

Can the Customer Centre with its gastronomy be considered as a public restaurant?

The Customer Centre at Porsche Werk Leipzig offers a range of possibilities for enjoying Porsche gastronomy. You can find relevant offers under the category Porsche Leipzig Gourmet. However, all offers at Porsche Werk Leipzig are only available with prior registration.

Are there any reductions?

In the Porsche Leipzig Gourmet programs we offer special conditions for children. Participation is free for children below the age of 7. For children aged 7-12 we offer a 50% reduction on the price of an adult participant.

Porsche Leipzig Pilot and Co-Pilot

How many companions are permitted?

Each participant in the Porsche Leipzig Pilot and Co-Pilot programme may bring with them one companion, who may take part in the free factory tour.

Is it possible to combine the programmes?

Yes, on arrangement, it is possible to combine Porsche Leipzig Pilot and Co-Pilot with the Porsche Leipzig Gourmet programme Carrera Lunch.

Is it possible to drive yourself?

It is possible to drive personally with the programmes Pilot and with Discover Porsche in Leipzig. Please note, drivers must have been in possession of a valid driving licence for at least 3 years. A rental contract including a 2,500 Euro (10,000 Euro for 911 Turbo and GT3) own risk insurance is to be signed on the site.

How old do children need to be to participate in the driving event?

Children aged 16 and over may participate in the driving event, although they are obviously not allowed to drive themselves. Orderers who participate in a Porsche Leipzig Pilot event or a Discover Porsche in Leipzig event must have been in possession of a valid driver's license for at least three years and must, at the event, sign a loan for use of the car subject to excess of 2,500 Euro (10,000 Euro for 911 Turbo and GT3). On the day of the event, the participant must present his or her driver's license and ID card before the event begins.

Are there any reductions?

There are no reductions available for these programmes.