Porsche Leipzig App

Our app is the ideal accompaniment for your visit to our experience world.

Porsche Leipzig is much more than a production facility. Here you come in direct contact with the sports car and all its fascinating aspects. Along with our models Panamera and Macan, we produce one main thing: emotion. Collecting customers, event guests and visitors can allow these emotions to run wild: in the Customer Center or at a driving event on the FIA-certified on-road circuit or on the off-road track.

Make your visit even more fascinating with the Porsche Leipzig App.


Factory LeipzigGet an overview of our location and offers even before your visit.
TracksExperience our on-road circuit or off-road track before you even approach the starting line with our animated curve drive-throughs and 360° videos.
Augmented Reality (AR)Make use of the AR functions in our brochures. Thrills and amazement included.
Customer CenterKeep track of your stopping points in the Customer Center.
On-road circuitHave your 911 co-pilot drive video recorded and share this unforgettable experience with your friends.
Historical vehicles exhibitObtain further information on a particular model in the museum when you approach it (e.g. historical videos).
Pit laneScan the license plate of our vehicles and find out what is under the hood.
Augmented Reality (AR)Experience concept studies and historical vehicles in our digital vehicle exhibit.
Porsche quartetsDuring your visit collect cards for your Porsche quartets – e.g. in the museum.
Experience your visit once againBrowse through your videos, photos and your Porsche quartet cards. Share these with your friends. And please leave feedback about your visit and the app.