Frequently asked questions


How far in advance is it necessary to reserve?

This depends on the scope and required program components of the event. We will be happy to perform an availability check at short notice.

What is the maximum number of participants for events?

The maximum number of participants depends on the desired program components. We are happy to help. Together we will find the right offer for your guests. An initial overview of our capacities can be found here.

Is it possible for people in wheelchairs to participate in the tour?

Yes, all facilities at Porsche in Leipzig are handicapped accessible.

What facilities exist for signposting the event?

There are many options for individual signposting at the Porsche Experience Centre: two signs directly in front of the main entrance on the access ramp, TFT screens in our large elevator and in the restaurant area.

In what form should the corporate or event logo be provided?

Your logo or event title can be displayed in a variety of ways: for example on an LED pedestal directly in front of the main entrance of the Customer Centre, on TFT displays in our large elevator, on the menu cards for your event or on the participant cards. We are pleased to discuss the possibilities for your event with you.  Please send us the company or event logo as jpg, png, tiff or as a vector file at least 3 days before your event.

How many flags is it possible to fly, and what dimensions should these have?

There are 3 rows in the front of the factory gate, each with 5 flagpoles, where we can place your flags on request. The ideal size of the flags is 150 x 400 cm (width x height). The attachment is by carabiners. When you book a driving event at the Porsche (on-road) Circuit, you can also have up to 13 flagpoles at the start / finish line.

What technical equipment is available on site?

All relevant information can be found here.

How large is the large capacity lift? What load capacity does it have?

The large capacity lift has the dimensions 5,650 x 2,780 x 2,050 mm (L x W x H) and can carry a load of 9.5 t or 126 persons. The maximum access height of the lift is 2 m. Please note that the width at a height of 750 to 980 mm above the floor is reduced by a 120 mm wide control panel.

How large is the stage? What load can it bear?

The stage area totals 160 m² at a height of 0.50 m. The stage is semi-circular in shape. The maximum area load is 5 KN/m².

What is the floor surfacing in the Customer Centre?

In the Motorsport Lounge on the ground floor, the floor is equipped with porcelain tiles (anthracite). On the 1st and 2nd floors, the rooms (Porsche Lounge, Forum, Board room and Club room) are designed with textile flooring. The Porsche Auditorium, as well as the gallery on the third and fourth floors, are also equipped with porcelain tiles (anthracite). The stage has solid oak wood parquet. The maximum load on the tiles and the stage is 5 kN / m².

What should be noted in particular when sending out invitations for an event?

Please make sure to include a deadline for the participant registration in the invitations. This should be planned in such a way so that you can inform us at least 5 days before your event, as to how many people will be present. In general, invitations or other publications with pictures and references to the Porsche factory Leipzig are to be approved by Porsche Leipzig GmbH before shipment or publication. We are happy to provide you with graphical material. A picture of the Porsche coat of arms is reserved for Porsche Communications and is therefore not permitted. Your event manager is happy to answer all of your questions.


How many hours or days prior to the event are deliveries possible?

This depends on whether events are already planned for the day of your event or the day before. Your allocated event manager will be happy to inform you about when you can deliver and assemble.

What particular aspects should be noted with regard to deliveries?

Trucks of up to 10 tons and 3.6m in width can deliver to us without problems. Trucks exceeding this size must observe the distance markings in front of the goods entrance.

Are there storage facilities for delivered materials?

We are able to store materials, depending on the scope of your delivery. Please co-ordinate what is to be delivered with us prior to the event.


How long is the invoicing period?

Our invoices are sent within 14 days. However, we can also adapt to your specific requirements here.


What should the participants report to?

Participants please register at Gate 1 (visitor entrance). There a current daily list of visitor names can be found.

Who receives the guests, and where?

Before your event, we will inform you, who will be attending on the day of the event. Your contact person will greet you at the Customer Centre reception desk and explain further procedures.

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Where is it possible to smoke during conferences?

Smoking inside of the Customer Centre is not permitted and we thank you in advance for your understanding. Outside, there are places where smoking is permitted.

Is it possible to film/take photographs during the event?

You may take photos in the Customer Centre or on the circuits. A corresponding film and photo-permit must be approved by Porsche in the case of more extensive recordings (film crews, documentation of driving events, etc.) Please understand that photography is not permitted in the vehicle production area.

What type of driving events is it possible to book for an event?

Driving events at Porsche Leipzig are multifaceted. In addition to the offer of guided driving under the guidance of an instructor, we also offer section trainings to improve the driver's skills and "taxi rides / hot laps" (passengers sit beside a motor sport professional). As an incentives competitions can also be integrated into the on and off-road events.

What does "taxi ride" mean?

During a taxi ride - also known as hot laps-the participant sits in the passenger seat. At the wheel is a Porsche driving instructor who drives the vehicle around the Porsche on-road circuit.

What does "guided drive" mean?

During guided driving the participants follow the instructor along the idea racing line and are in radio contact with him. The instructor explains the vehicles, the track, the ideal racing line, and sets the pace for the participants.

What does the term "section training" mean?

In section training, participants practice different concepts in small groups, for example correct steering and braking or avoidance of wet roads.

From what age may children participate in driving events?

Children who are 12 years or older and who are at least 150 cm tall, are allowed to participate in the driving events.

Can I bring my own caterer?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We are contractually bound to our own caterers. This is a subsidiary of Porsche AG. For you, this means: The Porsche standard is present in all areas.

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