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Dreamers. On.Wherever dream cars are made, dream jobs are not far away.

Changed opening hours:

Please note that no spontaneous visits are possible from March 4 to 13, 2024 inclusive. Our event programmes, the factory collection and all other formats will take place regardless of this. This…

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All vacant positions at Porsche Leipzig are posted in our Job Locator. You can filter the job postings based on your preferences and apply online using the Job Locator.

Porsche working world

Working at Porsche

Fascinating cars, motor sport history, visions of the future we connect many things with the name "Porsche", but "boredom" is definitely not one of them.

Areas of work

The fascination of Porsche can be seen in all areas of the company.

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Vocational Training

An apprenticeship at Porsche prepares you for a successful future.


Would you like to experience the fascination of Porsche during your studies at university or a technical university?

Experienced professionals

If you already have a number of years of work experience after school, occupational training or university and are now looking for a new challenge in a future-oriented company?


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