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Factory Leipzig.

Changed opening hours:

Please note that no spontaneous visits are possible from March 4 to 13, 2024 inclusive. Our event programmes, the factory collection and all other formats will take place regardless of this. This…

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Porsche opened its Leipzig plant, one of the world's most modern, in August 2002. The Panamera and Macan are produced here.

The body shop

The Macan is put together in the body shop from hundreds of individual steel and aluminum parts which are joined step by step to form the vehicle’s metal coat.

The paint shop

The paint shop at the Porsche Factory Leipzig is one of the most advanced paint shop facilities in the world.

The assembly line

On the assembly line, we turn the Macan and Panamera bodies into vehicles that are in a class of their own.


One location, infinitely many facets. The milestones of the Porsche Leipzig Factory.