Factory Tour Intensive

From simple sheet metal to the new all-electric Macan. A factory tour for Porsche enthusiasts.

Event typeFactory tour: body shop, paint shop, assembly
Durationapprox. 3 hours
Minimum age13 years
Price49,- EUR


Factory tour Intensive

Experience every step on the journey of creating a real sports car. We show you how the newest addition to our family is created: the new all-electric Macan – our departure into the age of electromobility at the Leipzig site. Immerse yourself in the world of premium automobile construction on our factory tour and become a Porsche expert.

The distinctive shape of every Porsche is created in the body shop. Here, hundreds of individual components made of steel and aluminium are assembled step by step to form a metal shell. You will witness how the Macan takes shape and learn exciting details about body production. Then explore the world of colours and lacquers in our paint shop. The body receives its coat in a multi-stage painting process. In total, it's barely thicker than a human hair.

Finally, in the assembly workshop, you will follow the final production of the Leipzig Porsche models, the Macan and Panamera. Thanks to coordinated logistics, cutting-edge technology and the passion of our employees, every Porsche becomes a truly unique piece. Because here, everything revolves around the dreams of our customers. Hardly any two Porsches are alike. And you will be there live when another dream car leaves our production facility.

Would you like to enhance your visit with a driving event? Then we recommend our Porsche Leipzig Co-Pilot or Porsche Leipzig Pilot packages. If you would like to combine a factory tour with a meal, select a package from our Porsche Leipzig Gourmet offering. With our Discover Porsche in Leipzig event packages, you can enjoy a factory tour with an extensive driving programme and exclusive catering.

If you have any questions, please send an email to besucher@porsche-leipzig.com. We will process your request as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can reach us at +49 341 999 13588.

Special notes

Factory tour

  • This tour is not barrier-free and requires a good level of fitness, as extensive walking routes and stairs have to be negotiated. We recommend wearing comfortable and sturdy shoes.
  • The factory tour may also take place when production is at a standstill.
  • People with pacemakers are not permitted to take part in the factory tour.