Areas of work

Finance and controlling

You have the choice between challenging controlling tasks or classic tasks in accounting. This is your opportunity to play a role in the financial administration of the company. For example you could participate actively in determining corporate goals on the basis of the latest methods and instruments, or in planning and controlling revenues, costs and financial results. Or you could take care of the implementation of the monthly and annual financial statements and support the auditors in our company.


You will be able to demonstrate your negotiating skills in the procurement of services and non-standard materials. You will also be responsible for implementing negotiations on prices and terms and managing the supplier-selection process.

Corporate organisation and IT-Management

Your core responsibility in this field is the management of all information systems and applications at Porsche Leipzig. You will support company processes by ensuring optimum process integration and efficient information management. The significant success factors here are the use of modern information and communications technology, combined with the application of professional methods and instruments.

The task spectrum ranges from the strategic planning of IT facilities via process design in cooperation with the individual corporate sections and external service providers right through to monitoring IT security and data protection.


The quality of our products enjoys top priority, and you could share responsibility for this. Our quality center combines all core competences of pre-series qualification. Your task will be to monitor key quality data and carry out quality analyses during the building and testing of our vehicles. Regular vehicle audits, drawing up quality records and making assessments by means of CAQ will all be part of your responsibilities. In the process you will work closely with our suppliers and develop optimisation suggestions as part of a team.

And of course it won't just stop at making suggestions. You will also be involved in the implementation of your ideas – so that our exclusive sports cars perform on the road in the way that our customers expect them to.

The body shop

For the car manufacturer's new Macan series, a new car body shop and a paint shop have been added to Porsche's Leipzig plant – extending it to a full-scale production facility.

In the body shop, 550 skilled technicians and 387 industrial robots operate daily in a total area of 35,000 m². The bodywork of the Macan is built from the bottom upwards in four stages: underbody, body, attachments and finish. Approximately 6,000 welding points are required to assemble the steel and aluminium pressed parts.

The paint shop

In the new 60,000 m² paint shop – the size of around eight football pitches - the body shells are painted with the aid of 81 robots. There are eleven different standard colours, but if a consumerer has an individual wish a wide range of other colour shades is also available.

422 skilled workers ensure that operations run smoothly in the new paint shop. It takes a body shell around 15 hours to undergo all the phases of paint and finish application

Assembly line and planning

In our production operations you could really get Porsche moving, because the focus here is on building top quality vehicles efficiently, punctually and with precision. The basis for our requirements-based production is the wishes of our customers. As a member of a strong team you can make sports car dreams come true on a daily basis, or assume responsibility for the maintenance and repair of our production facilities.

Efficient automobile manufacture is based on professional production planning across all areas of operation. In the process you will develop process standards and define measures for optimising our production processes. In addition you will be responsible for the integration of new product features and support for technical changes in series production or as part of new product launches. As an electrical and electronics specialist you will devote yourself to our vehicles right down to the final detail.


Of course without the right logistics nothing gets moved at all. As a specialist in the area of logistics planning, scheduling or our technical update service you could play an important role in shaping internal and external logistics processes.

Precision planning plays a decisive role in ensuring the success of our lean logistics processes and the related minimal stocks of materials. This is the only way in which the wide range of variation in our vehicles can be managed logistically.

Human resources

Highly motivated personnel and management are the basic precondition for a successful company. Your central responsibility in the HR section will lie in recruiting the right staff and apprentices as well as making available the right framework conditions for effective, loyal and responsible cooperation. For example you will deal with aspects of human resources, safety in the workplace and health management.

Within the framework of personnel development you will design and implement individual concepts for the advanced training and skills enhancement of our employees. In addition, your HR operations will include responsibility for "best fit for positions" and advising employees and line managers on organisational matters, employment legislation questions and, of course, personal matters.

Customer Center

If you enjoy direct contact with customers then our Customer Center is the ideal place for you. Every day we welcome those who come to collect their new car from the works, guests at events and visitors who wish to experience the Porsche fascination for themselves. As a customer guide you will introduce guests to our production facilities together with our exhibition of current and historic vehicles. Alternatively you can assume responsibility as an instructor for a range of driving events on our tracks.

You will have the opportunity to display your organisational skills in arranging factory collections, events and experience programmes. Here, too, the fundamental principle which applies is that the focus is always on the customer.