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Would you like to experience the fascination of Porsche as a student at a university or university of applied sciences? As an intern, you will gain an insight into our company and become part of the "Porsche myth".

To work with us, you should have three semesters of study experience and have already gained some practical experience. The best time to apply is three to six months before you wish to start. You can find all vacancies for interns and working students in our Job Locator. Take up the challenge.


The earlier you orientate yourself, the better. That's why you should see where your journey can take you as a student. And how fascinating it can be with Porsche. With a company that is both ultra-modern and tradition-conscious.

During an internship at Porsche, you will put the theoretical knowledge you have already acquired during your studies into practice. You will gain valuable practical experience in challenging projects and in day-to-day operations. Task-orientated and, above all, targeted internships await you in almost all business areas.


Have you just completed your studies at your university with above-average results and are now looking for a challenge that matches your skills? Would you like to take on demanding tasks at Porsche immediately? We are always looking for committed graduates. You can find all current vacancies in the Job Locator.

As a direct entrant "on the job", you will immediately take on challenging tasks in one of our business areas following a customised induction. You will be in constant contact with your colleagues and superiors, who will support you, help you with their experience and quickly allow you to share in the fascination of Porsche. Due to the size and structure of our company, it will be easy for you to quickly find your way around and build up your own network within the company.

All of this assumes that you can convince others with your personality and your professional background and that your strengths include enthusiasm, communication skills and team-orientated work.