Customer Centre

The striking 32-metre tower of the Customer Centre is shaped like a cut diamond and clearly visible from afar. If you are arriving by car, you can park directly outside.

You will find the entrance between the two drive-on ramps. A 640 m2 reception area including a lounge and bar awaits you on the ground floor. You can greet your guests here with a welcome drink and enjoy the views of the start/finish straight of the adjacent on-road circuit.

Porsche Leipzig is a spacious venue offering almost limitless possibilities. Facilities for up to 700 guests. With an outdoor area of just under 1,000 acres to accomodate several thousand people, the world of Porsche has a range of interesting and exciting activities and services. We can provide everything you need from flexible room space, state-of-the-art conference technology and first-rate catering services to on and off-road tracks and porsche vehicles. And last but not least, a highly competent and friendly team.

In this section we present our facilities, with the main rooms shown as a 360-degree panorama. Layout plans are also available to help you plan your event. You will also find all this information in our Porsche Leipzig Site Inspection brochure.

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