Offroad driving events

Not everybody is in search of thrilling experiences on tarmac.
Many people enjoy a combination of sports performance and adventure, as can be experienced on our off-road circuit in a Porsche Cayenne. The 6 km (3.7 mile) circuit features 15 challenging modules that will put the driving skills of your guests to the ultimate test.

This incentive package offers your guests the opportunity to discover the secrets of all-terrain driving. The drivers then have to cross bunkers, climb a steep mountain track and negotiate a wading trough, before overcoming their inhibitions on a 35-degree slanting section or testing their nerve on a 80 % ascent.

The cross-country adventure continues with a corduroy road, the gravel track and a series of potholes, all designed to give a taste of driving at the limit of what is physically and technically possible. This fascinating event takes place in a 250-acre protected area of countryside that is also home to a number of wild horses and aurochs (wild oxen)

On this difficult off-road track everyone will be happy to have one of our experienced instructors sitting next to him/ her and supporting him/ her with valuable driving tips at any time. Your guests can also receive off-road driving instruction during one or two-day courses. For example, our instructors can show participants how to effectively use the differential lock, four-wheel drive, and reduction gears on the Cayenne.

Of course, you can also hold competitions on this track. We would be happy to present you with a package that is individually tailored to the needs of your particular group or event. Naturally, you do not have to be attending a conference to hire the offroad circuit.

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