Onroad driving Events

Ask your guests to take their seats again after your conference. But this time behind a steering wheel.

A ride in one of the most exciting vehicles – on one of the most exciting circuits. At Porsche Leipzig, business can be combined with thrilling driving experiences. Whether in a “hot lap ride”, lapping the circuit behind the wheel yourself or receiving driver training from a professional Porsche instructor: We show your guests where a Porsche is made – and what it is capable of.

The length of the on-road circuit: about 3,700 m – on the ideal line. The width: 12 m. All safety requirements for professional motorsport are fulfilled. In every hundredth of a second. And in every legendary curve. Because the sections of the on-road circuit reproduce famous circuits of the motorsport world.

The dynamic circuit with its wettable dynamic stretch of more than 150 m in length and the skid pad with a diameter of 120 m that can also be wetted ensures even more performance over a total length of 2,200 m. With a width of 6.5 m, it is not a racetrack in the classic sense but rather has the character of a country road. This section can be combined with the on-road circuit or driven separately. In total, there are more than 10 different route 
variants, allowing for numerous driving experiences and varied training content for all levels of difficulty.

Accept the challenge on the tarmac. Beyond all the usual restrictions. And always pushing the limits.

Of course, we also offer you attractive driving events independent of a conference at the Porsche Experience Center. Come to us with your wishes, and ask about the exact arrangements for hiring the track.

Guided drive. Test different models of our brand, and experience impressive driving characteristics under professional guidance – behind an instructor vehicle driving ahead, on the ideal line.

Hot lap rides. Get in – belt up – hold tight. We take care of the rest. Whether in the 911 GT3, 911 Turbo, Taycan, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan or even a thoroughbred racing vehicle, the 911 GT3 Cup – heart palpitations and butterflies in your stomach included.

Section training. In section training under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will improve your driving skills and test your dexterity and response time. You can expect training sections such as slalom, braking or a quick lane change.

Lapping. After the guided driving and section training, you can enjoy independent sporty driving on the circuit. Determine your own pace through challenging sections of curves in search of the “perfect” and, above all, safe line.

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