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Welcome to Leipzig

A day in Leipzig can be a lot of things. Just not boring.

Want to find out about all aspects of Porsche? Then Leipzig is the place for you. An eye-opener – not only concerning the driving characteristics of a Porsche, but the first glimpse of the diamond-shaped Customer Centre will get your pulse racing. There is a lot for you to do and see. Production. Customer Centre. FIA-certified Porsche on-road circuit. Off-road track. In one of the most state-of-the-art car factories in the world, this is where, for example, the Panamera and Macan models are made - and between 2003 and 2006, the small series of the now legendary super sports car, the Carrera GT was produced here. And the development goes on.

Just how unmistakable cannot be described, only felt: on the factory's own 3.7 kilometre on-road circuit. This unique track was designed by Hermann Tilke, racing driver and constructor of numerous Formula 1 tracks such as in Malaysia or Bahrain. He came up with something quite special for the Leipzig track – 10 spectacular bends from world famous racetracks – from Suzuka S (Suzuka/Japan) to the Parabolica (Monza/Italy) – have been recreated here. What is more, the track fulfils all of the requirements for a professional racing track for motorsports activities and is certified by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). Another highlight in Leipzig is the off-road track boasting 6 kilometres of challenges in unspoilt countryside. Eighteen off-road modules – for instance a 100-metre long water ditch obstacle, an extreme ramp with an 80% incline, a 35° bank or a seesaw – put the driver's ability to the test. A challenge that you will best tackle together with an exceptional athlete, the Cayenne.

In short: you will remember collecting your car from the factory at Leipzig for a long time to come.

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