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Discover Intensive

Take the plunge into the world of Porsche Leipzig.

Program details

Make your Discover package even more intense and double your "track time". You decide which Porsche you want to get up close and personal with. After a short briefing by a professional instructor, 45 minutes of section training on our dynamic circuit awaits. Here you will familiarise yourself with your desired model and complete specific exercises, such as a slalom section or a braking exercise. Afterwards you can put "your" Porsche through its paces for 45 minutes on the Porsche Circuit. Always at your side: your personal instructor who looks after you individually.

Want to drive even more? No problem. explore our off-road track in the Cayenne or Macan. Real off-road challenges such as a slanting section, a water ditch and steep ascents must be overcome.

We also invite you to take a look behind the scenes of the Porsche production process. On a factory tour, you get to accompany a Panamera and Macan through its production. You will also go on a journey of discovery in the Customer Centre. Visit our exhibition of current and historical Porsche models and enjoy an impressive 360° panoramic view over the entire Porsche site. Look back on your experiences in peace over a three-course meal in the Customer Centre restaurant.


Total duration approx. 5 hours
45 minutes section training
45 minutes on-road
30 minutes off-road
Factory tour
Three-course meal, including drinks

Participants per vehicle

1 participant
One additional driver for an extra charge: 125,00 € p.p.

Conditions of participation

A minimum age of six years applies for the factory tour and the companion at the driving event. The driver must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid driving licence. The lending agreement with an excess of €10,000 must be signed on site.


During the winter months, and if the weather conditions (snow or ice-covered track) require it, in the interests of safety Discover Intensive can take place using an all-wheel drive Porsche from the 911 series or Cayenne series. Any resulting price differences will be reimbursed to the purchaser.

Consultation and appointment

Mrs. Dajana Menz and Mrs. Susann Altinok will be happy to answer any further questions and make an appointment with you personally at any time:
Tel.: +49 341 999-13621


From €1,300 p.p. (depending on vehicle type)

Vehicle details

The new Macan – built for an intensive life in which the thirst for experience and thrills and spills are ever-present, and in which new challenges are a permanent driving force.
The new Macan. Life, intensified.

Price1.300,00 € p.P.
Vehicle details

The Cayenne isn’t easy to pin down. It is a versatile sports pro with superior driving performance on the road – and off-road too. In short, it is a well-balanced all-rounder with unmistakable sports car genes – a Porsche at its best. Click here for further information.

Price1.300,00 € p.P.
Vehicle details

The Panamera - our interpretation of what a four seater sports car should be. The Panamera stands for sportive driving rather than mere locomotion. Instead of just getting you from a to b it will give you limitless driving fun. Experience luxury that does not compromise sportiness – combined with a dynamic look. Just typically Porsche. Click here for further information.

Price1.500,00 € p.P.
Vehicle details

The Taycan is uncompromising and perfect for the everyday. Striking proportions, timeless and instantly recognisable design. With a spacious interior and two luggage compartments, providing comfort and convenience for four. Click here for further information.

Price1.500,00 € p.P.
Vehicle718 Boxster
Vehicle details

A centrally mounted engine, lightweight, with a low centre of gravity, complemented by excellent driving performance, sophisticated aerodynamics and superior agility – the 718 Boxster guarantees clean roadster driving fun in a car whose design and functionality are a harmonious match. But enough – just go and convince yourself. Click here for further information.

Price1.300,00 € p.P.
Vehicle718 Cayman
Vehicle details

Striking design and uncompromising drive, visible dynamics and power – the 718 Cayman stands for sports car experience, clear and unmistakable. The high-revving, powerful delivery of the centrally mounted engine with its low centre of gravity lend this car its distinctive wild character. Will you be ready for this individualist? Click here for further information.

Price1.300,00 € p.P.
Vehicle718 Cayman GT4
Vehicle details

The 718 Cayman GT4 is the perfect sports car for those who like to push the limits. For those who would rather ask "why not?" than "why?". For those who take fun seriously and who would rather sit in a sports seat than a leather arm chair. Click here for further information.

Price1.800,00 € p.P.
Vehicle718 Cayman GT4 RS
Vehicle details

A razor-sharp track tool. A highly agile mid-engine concept with 4.0-litre displacement and a six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. Six individual throttle valves for a direct response. A high-revving concept that easily reaches the 9,000 mark. An output of 368kW (500PS). Rational? Not always. Perfect? Always. Click here for further information.

Price2.000,00 € p.P.
Vehicle details

The 911 is a genuine classic. It brings to live the elemental concept of a sports car – in the here and now, and that after over 50 years of a matchless history. Not only will its enormous power give you many a moving moment, but it will also demand a lot of fitness of you. But that’s one of the points of this exclusive offer. Click here for further information.

Price1.500,00 € p.P.
Vehicle911 Turbo
Vehicle details

In the latest generation of the 911 Turbo, our engineers have redeveloped 90 % of the components and again provided a reference. With greater engine power, with Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), fitted as standard in all models, a considerably more comprehensive standard specification and thermal management. Expectations have been exceeded with the rear-axle steering and the Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA), used here for the very first time in a road car. Click here for further information.

Price2.000,00 € p.P.
Vehicle911 GT3
Vehicle details

Some focus on making the most of every day, but we make the most of every second. After all, every moment you spend in the cockpit is precious. Each journey has to mean something. So for the new 911 GT3, we’ve refined everything that makes a genuine sports car: aerodynamics, performance, tuning, driving pleasure and adrenaline. Time flies, and this is your time. Jump in. Click here for further information.

Price2.000,00 € p.P.
Vehicle911 GT3 RS
Vehicle details

Top performance requires more than perfect conditions and luck. Relentless training to become stronger and faster. Experience the new 911 GT3 RS in top form. Click here for further information.

Price2.300,00 € p.P.
Vehicle911 GT3 Manthey Racing
Vehicle details

Manthey has taken on the challenge of making the new Porsche 911 GT3 (992) even more powerful and is now providing insights into the first performance kit for the 992 model series. The further development of aerodynamics, suspension, brakes and wheels make the sports car even more powerful.

Price2.300,00 € p.P.

Fuel Consumption and Emissions

911 Turbo S (WLTP)*

12,3 - 12,0

l/100 km

278 - 271


911 Turbo S (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption/Emissions (WLTP)*

Fuel consumption combined* (model range): 12,3 - 12,0 l/100 km

CO₂ emissions combined* (model range): 278 - 271 g/km