Honey bees - “Turbienchen” the honey of Porsche Leipzig

A total of 1.5 million honey bees have found a new home on our natural off-road terrain in May 2017. Bees are highly endangered – half of the 560 species of bee that live in Germany are threatened with extinction. According to information from the German beekeeper’s association (Deutscher Imkerbund), bee colony numbers have fallen from 2.5 million in 1952 to fewer than one million today.

The honey bees will spend the upcoming winter months in the off-road area before appearing again in the spring. “We will continue the initiative next year and we are planning to expand it. Our nature reserve offers the ideal conditions for bees”, says Gerd Rupp, Chair of the Executive Board at Porsche Leipzig GmbH. In addition to countless wild plants, the bees will mainly visit hawthorn bushes, black locust trees and lime trees for honey production. One colony of bees will produce an average of around 55 kilograms of honey each year.

The honey is available in the Porsche Leipzig customer centre shop under the name “Turbienchen”.
Price: 8 Euro per glass (for employees 6 Euro)

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