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Sustainable paint shop operations

Our paint shop also sets benchmarks with regard to the energy which is applied in the operation of the facility. The reason for this is that Porsche makes use of the exhaust heat generated by a biomass facility located close to the factory. At this plant, which is fuelled by wood chips, electrical power is produced by co-generation, with the exhaust heat being made available to Porsche as process steam or thermal heat. The wood chips are produced from regenerative waste wood which is sourced from sustainably managed forestry and provides CO2-neutral fuel. Thanks to this alliance 80% of the paint shop's heating requirements are covered from a CO2-neutral source, which saves more than 8,000 t of CO2 per year.

In addition Porsche filters excess paint particles from the fine paint spray. The paint-filled air flows through a cloud of stone dust which filters out the particles. The stone dust with the particles bound in it is later used for the production of cement. The process of dry separation using stone dust requires neither water, chemicals nor additional electricity, which enables Porsche to save approximately 80% of the energy used in conventional solutions.