Porsche Leipzig. More emotions per hour.

Porsche Leipzig. More emotions per hour.

Heart pounding, straight from the factory

Taking delivery of your Porsche – a moment that is always awaited with great anticipation.

More thrills per second

All event packages at a glance.

Porsche Leipzig Event Location

Porsche Leipzig is a spacious venue offering a wealth of different possibilities.

Directions to Porsche Leipzig.

Find the fastest route to us here.

More emotions per hour.

Porsche Leipzig. More emotions per hour.

A place where you can experience the fascinating appeal of the sports car in every facet.

Porsche Leipzig. More emotions per hour. (Cutdown)

Here you can download a cutdown of Porsche Leipzig. More emotions per hour.

Event Packages

Porsche Leipzig Gourmet

Enjoy a culinary supporting programme and experience the fascination of Porsche!

Porsche Leipzig Co-Pilot

From the passenger seat, you get to experience a number of pectacular laps at the side of a racing professional.

Porsche Leipzig Pilot Offroad

We invite you to join in a real Cayenne offroad adventure on our special offroad track in Leipzig.

Porsche Leipzig Pilot Onroad

Our Pilot packages offer a pure adrenaline rush.

Discover Porsche in Leipzig

Welcome to the world of the Porsche experience. The overall programme for one day is full of highlights.

GT3 Cup Experience

The GT3 Cup promises incredible acceleration, instantaneous braking and extreme cornering dynamics.

Porsche in Leipzig

Rosental Park Concerts 2018

The Rosental Park Concerts on the 29th and 30th of June 2018.

Expansion of the Porsche Leipzig on-road circuit

Timelapse of the expansion of our on-road circuit.

Leipzig Opera Ball 2018

Porsche has sponsored Leipzig's Opera Ball since 2013.