Factory tour.

Supporting programme.

Are you looking for an exciting setting for your event? Or would you like to deepen your knowledge of modern production techniques? Give us the floor and visit the Leipzig plant with us. Give your guests and yourself a fascinating look behind the scenes. Follow the construction of the Panamera and the Macan during a factory tour. In precise manual labour. And with great attention to detail. Naturally, the factory tour is accompanied by an experienced customer advisor who is happy to answer individual questions. Clearly and comprehensibly. Up to 120 people can take part in our factory tour. 

There is a lot to see, a lot to tell and a lot to admire. The new impressions gained will provide plenty to talk about at your event. A fascinating experience.


Ready for assembly: doors off, wiring harness in, panoramic roof on. The body meets the interior and exterior. Everything customised according to customer requirements.


Engine and transmission are combined. Axles, brake system and suspension are added: the drivetrain is created. The kinetic energy and dynamics are later transferred to the road.

Final assembly

The wedding - the high point of automobile construction! The body and drive train come together here. The seats and steering wheel are fitted and the wheels bolted on. The vehicle is almost finished.


Final measurements, calibration and testing take place here. The engine is started - a special moment! The vehicle covers the first few metres on the chassis dynamometer before going onto the test track for the test drive.