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Porsche dynamic circuit

On the circuit. Along the interior section. Thrilling driving.
Full throttle on the straight sections. Judging the right time to brake. Taking the ideal line through the corner. The sensation of driving the circuit at Porsche Leipzig is impossible to describe – you simply have to experience it. This 3.7 km track is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: the thrill of driving - from the very first second onwards.

Is it possible to intensify such excitement even further? The answer is provided by our 2.2 km dynamic circuit, because the extension to the circuit has created a dynamic stretch of more than 150 metres and a circular track with a diameter of 120 metres, both of which can be watered. In contrast to the existing circuit, with its typical race track width of 12 metres, the dynamic circuit has a width of 6.5 metres, similar to that of a typical country road. Here drivers experience the forces which are generated during cornering and learn how their vehicle reacts when they brake suddenly on a wet road, for example.

The standard circuit and its extension can be driven either independently of each other or in combination. Individual sections of the new dynamic circuit have been designed with noticeable fluctuations in height and significant inclines. The result is a sensational experience for drivers who wish to put a Porsche to the test under even more challenging conditions.

New and varied sections of track.
More than 10 different sections of track are available for a unique driving experience. In comparison with other circuits worldwide, the on-road course in Leipzig offers an exceptionally large number of different sections of track, reflecting a range of training aspects at all levels of difficulty.

A 'Karussell’ for the circuit.
The design for Porsche Leipzig's unique, FIA-certified circuit and the new dynamic circuit was created by Hermann Tilke, designer of numerous Formula 1 circuits such as those in Malaysia and Bahrain. Together with the Porsche project team he implemented a very special idea: 11 spectacular curves inspired by world-famous racing circuits, ranging from the Suzuka S (Suzuka/Japan) to the Parabolica corner (Monza/Italy) have been incorporated. The extension of the circuit has created a new highlight, an accurate copy of the Karussell (Carousel), the famous banked curve on the Nordschleife (North Loop) of the Nürburgring.

The bottom line is that there is no more thrilling way to experience the Porsche sensation than on the circuit at Porsche Leipzig. Whether it's in the driving seat or as a passenger in the Porsche 'racing taxi' – this challenge on the tarmac will be an unforgettable experience. Well beyond the limits of the everyday.

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