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Factory tour

Driving a Porsche on the road is a fascinating experience.
So is the way it got there.

Are you looking for an exciting setting for your event? Or would you like to deepen your knowledge of modern production techniques such as just-in-time, just-in-sequence and kanban? We’ll take it from here. You and your guests will enjoy a fascinating look behind the scenes. Follow the construction of the Panamera and the Macan as part of a factory tour. With precision craftsmanship. And great attention to detail. 

For example, experience at first hand how the interior – the focal point for the future driver – is created. Or how the headlining and windows are fitted with pinpoint accuracy. The prerequisite for smooth production processes: logistics that are coordinated down to the smallest detail. You will get to know our automatic guided vehicle systems. These little technical assistants move completely independently around the production facility. And ensure perfect interaction between man and machine. In which every second and every millimetre counts, as does the skill of the employees.

Of course, the factory tour is accompanied by an experienced customer advisor who is happy to answer individual questions. Clearly and understandably. Not least through the use of digital headsets for each individual guest. The duration? Much too short. Because there is a lot to see, a lot to talk about and a lot to admire. Up to 120 people can take part in our factory tour. With the newly collected impressions, there will be plenty to talk about at your event. A truly fascinating experience.