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Changed opening hours from 03. - 06.10.2023:

Please note that the Porsche Experience Center Leipzig including the Carrera Café will be closed all day from 03. - 06.10.2023. Spontaneous visits are unfortunately not possible on this day. Events…

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Social commitment

Socially committed. From the very onset, the commitment of Porsche Leipzig has covered a broad range of social activities. The plant and its employees, who largely come from the region, are thus even more closely integrated in the public life of the City of Leipzig and the Free State of Saxony. In so doing, Porsche dedicates itself to the people themselves.

Aid for those most vulnerable. The sports car maker will be organising the traditional Porsche Leipzig Charity Football Tournament for the fourteenth time in 2019. Teams from many different areas (companies, universities, etc.) engage in competition for a good cause.